Vision / Mission


AURIGON is a forward looking and inventive CRO, guiding and enabling cutting edge drug development for the pharmaceutical industry.

AURIGON is a solutions partner for start-up companies as well as big pharma concerns, leading the customer through early-stage product development research as well as fully customised in-vivo and in-vitro studies.

AURIGON is a founding member of the Biosimilars Group, enhancing its research projects by including best-of-breed experts from its international network. These specialists are perfectly integrated into the workflow of AURIGON’s lean development teams.

AURIGON is dedicated to the principles of the 3R-Movement because its team strongly believes that good science and good animal welfare are two sides of the same coin.

AURIGON is the visionary, passionate and dedicated service provider making every effort to take its customers …

… a wing stroke ahead.