The AURIGON team consists of 100 highly qualified professionals of which 80 belong to the scientific department based in our fully certified research centre in Budapest-Dunakeszi.

The team includes toxicologists and pathologists as well as specialists for chemistry, biochemistry, biology and veterinary science. All team members have a high level of expertise relating to in-vitro and in-vivo studies, covering pharmacology, bio-/analytics and toxicology.

In terms of customer relationship management, 15 study directors with up to 30 years of experience ensure that scientists talk to scientists. Dedicated team members form a multifaceted interface to the customer and therefore assure optimum guidance throughout an entire project.

Most of all, AURIGON team members are passionate and radically quality-driven, leaving no stone unturned to meet customers’ objectives. They provide in-depth customer support from the first stage of product design to the final study document.

All members of the AURIGON team ensure that their customers are always …

… a wing stroke ahead.